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Premium CNC Models


Milled from solid blocks on a CNC milling machine. These frames are prefect, precise and only need a little work to smooth some edges, stamp, blast and powder coat.

Since Kevin needs to do less work by hand on these, they can be offered at a better price than models that require more.

Note** the AMR Bulldogs do take some extra time to do them up fancy the way I do um, so the are $50 extra to cover the modifications involved.

Note** the Iron Raven and Blk/Sh are down to the last few frames. So I raised the price a little for the last few.

You can still pick the powder-coat paint color and coil options.

DM on IG or EMAIL - [email protected] to talk options and tunings

EMAIL me for international shipping.... I will add your country, most are $40extra

Turn around currently is about two months from payment to shipment.